1138 Hay Street
West Perth WA 6005

 Phone:       08 9322 2914
 Primary Contact:     Michael Deering
 Website:    http://www.flightworld.com.au/
 Email:    admin@flightworld.com.au


Flightworld and Cruiseworld were established in 1981, operating under Interworld Travel Pty. Ltd., a WA-owned travel company located in the heart of Perth’s Central Business District. We are staffed by a team of highly-experienced and dedicated professionals embracing the values of Client Care, Respect & Honesty; directing our behaviour and business interactions.

Our service makes a world of difference. Coming from a blend of skill, experience and a positive attitude, our team of corporate and leisure consultants are more than ready to assist you with all your travel needs.

Our Industry Relationships give you the edge. Through the years we have forged strong and lasting relationships with business partners and key suppliers that have generated value for our clients.

Flightworld is specially recognised by Qantas and other major airlines. Our status with Qantas offers our clients a direct benefit in ways that distinguish us from many other travel companies. From getting that much-needed seat on a flight to priority services, we have earned that position from which our top clients enjoy special privileges.

We embody these qualities:
- Commitment to deliver the highest quality of service for a discerning public;
- Meeting the expanding and evolving client requirements;
- Delivering the highest standards of client satisfaction
- Advocacy for mutual trust and fairness.