Departure Point

Departure Point

Departure Point

1/124 Goondoon Street
Gladstone QLD 4680

 Phone:       07 4899 2399
 Toll Free:    1800 075 516
 Primary Contact:     Kara Hopson


DeparturePoint Business Travel is a highly professional travel management team delivering comprehensive travel solutions and real savings.  

We are driven by our client’s requirements, by knowing which services are most critical to them and by getting it right every time.

We provide a high quality personal service to produce best value travel and accommodation outcomes.

We understand the need to contain costs without impacting our client’s ability to service their customers. We will help increase efficiencies and deliver a seamless travel experience.
Established in 1984, our dedicated team have years of experience and knowledge to offer. From FIFO, Business Travel to Conferences and Groups, our team will tailor the solution for you.