Suite 1, 130 Pacific Highway
Greenwich NSW 2065

 Phone:       02 8031 7708
 Primary Contact:     Neil Wood


From the moment you deal with Traveltoo you will notice the personalised and professional way we deal with our clients. We endeavour to manage your travel needs to ensure you are not subject to unnecessary delays, problems and expenses. We are not about dictating what airline you fly and what hotel you stay in. Our aim is to provide you with choices based on your personal needs, budget and your company’s ethos.

Traveltoo is the corporate travel management company for the discerning business and individual leisure traveller. From the intricate design details of an airline’s first or business class cabin to the best hotel in London, Traveltoo’s staff have extensive industry knowledge to ensure our clients receive the finest travel products available.

At Traveltoo, all of our clients are treated like VIP’s. We pride ourselves on the attention to detail we afford to every booking, to every person. Whether it is providing a confirmed seat number for every flight (First and Business Class) we book or arranging for your favourite champagne to be chilled on arrival at your hotel, no task is too great nor too much effort for us. It is our determination to exceed our clients’ expectations that sets us apart.

Traveltoo is not just a travel agent, we are experienced Corporate Travel Managers. The difference being, we manage our clients’ corporate journey from initial planning stage, throughout the entire journey, and then follow up on the return home. We don’t just book flights for our clients based on the best deals offered by the airlines at a particular time as we believe this way of managing travel requirements does not serve the customer well. We have never believed that having a client spend six hours waiting in an airport transit lounge is worth saving a few hundred dollars on an airfare. We realise business travel can pose personal demands and challenges, and it is our aim to ensure you travel in the most comfortable way possible based on your requirements and budget. Our clients can travel the globe knowing that their every need has and is constantly being attended to.