1000 Mile Travel Group

1000 Mile Travel Group

1000 Mile Travel Group

130 Hoddle Street
Abbotsford VIC 3067

 Phone:      1300 785 741
 Primary Contact:     Ben Ross
 Website:    https://1000miletravel.com.au/
 Email:    product@1000miletravel.com.au


1000 Mile Travel Group is an Australian-based supplier of travel management solutions who specialise in corporate, cruising, leisure and group travel.

We provide a unique corporate model that sets us apart from any other travel management company in the industry. This includes:

Dedicated Travel Experts
Our Travel Experts ensure that their clients always receive dedicated service that is tailored to their needs and requirements. With an abundance of experience within the industry, our Experts believe that no trip is too big and no challenge too great.

Delivering Savings
As a member of the helloworld Buying Group, we are able to offer highly competitive rates and services. Our Travel Experts create travel programs that pass on these long-term savings to our clients and their businesses.

Payment & Expense
We offer flexible solutions that incorporate all major providers to streamline our client’s reconciliation process.

Innovative Processes
Our continually optimised processes drive efficiency to deliver a better service at a lower fee for our client’s business.

24/7 support
Our clients enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated Travel Expert tending to their travel needs 24/7.

Tailored Service Level Agreement (SLA)
We devise a high performance standard that fits our clients’ business needs, commit to it in writing and then deliver on it.

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