Travel Tree

Travel Tree

Travel Tree

Level 2, 3A Davies Road
Claremont WA 6010

 Phone:       08 9382 5011
 Primary Contact:     Travis Smith


Hello and Welcome to Travel Tree

We often refer to our extensive knowledge and experience as being our most significant point of difference...and it truly is! But where does it come from? Travel Tree is actually a creation born out of one of the most formidable travel partnerships in Australia.

It was formed by the coming together of 4 individuals who shared a collective 165 years of travel industry experience; and which saw them throw their energies into creating an integrated approach to the provision of travel services.

Since forming this partnership in 1999, these experts have recruited, trained and developed a strong team, some of whom are now regarded as being industry leaders in their own right.

We'll be bringing on more young staff so that we have an increasing energy within what is a dynamic business activity.